Jul 15, 2010


I’ve been listening and listening to this song by Jay Chou since 2006. It has helped me sleep when snores were sonorous and leavings were commonplace.

My Chinese isn’t great, but I admire how this song is layered with presumably old poems and older zither strummings.


一盞離愁 孤單佇立在窗口
我在門後 假裝妳人還沒走
舊地如重遊 月圓更寂寞
夜半清醒的燭火 不忍苛責我
一壺漂泊 浪跡天涯難入喉
妳走之後 酒暖回憶思念瘦
水向東流 時間怎麼偷
花開就一次成熟 我卻錯過

誰在用琵琶彈奏 一曲東風破
歲月在牆上剝落 看見小時候
而如今琴聲幽幽 我的等候

誰再用琵琶彈奏 一曲東風破
楓葉將故事染色 結局我看透
籬笆外的古道我 牽著你走過
荒煙漫草的年頭 就連分手都

Damn sappy I know. But it’s a memory.

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