May 30, 2010

Post-injury Exercises

Type: Rehab + Isometrics

I hate to get injured. It takes me out of my training rhythm and when I get back to exercising, I’ve lost all my gains.

Recently I’ve gotten a case of clicking and clacking in my right knee  as I climbed steps or slopes. Oddly enough, it wasn’t a trauma-type injury (e.g. when you get hit by someone else). It was simply wear and tear.

So I shut down for 3 weeks to give it rest.

That’s 3 weeks of binging on food and drink. Ugh… I’m looking a little whale-like.

But there’s good news: my knee’s a lot better now, and I’m back to light training. To get up to speed, I’m using a mixture of isometric and body-weight exercises (particularly core work).

Hopefully, I’ll get back to what I was in a couple of weeks’ time.


Exercises for the day

Set 1 (3 sets each):

  1. Planks (50sec; 40 sec; 30 sec; all 4 sides)
  2. Turn and twist (10X)
  3. Push ups (15X)
  4. Shadow boxing; see video below (10X mostly jabs & knees)
  5. Kettlebell raises (6X 12.5kg per arm)
  6. Isometric Squats (30 sec)
  7. Skipping (1 min)

Set 2 (3 sets each):

  1. Deadlifts (10X 12.5kg per side)
  2. Arnold Presses (10X 12.5kg per side)
  3. Push ups (10X Wide)
  4. Squats (10X 12.5kg; hold for 2 counts at lowest position)
  5. Bent over rows (10X 12.5kg per side)

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